Our (unlikely) story.

As told by Dalia Rey


After leaving my corporate law career almost a decade ago, I ventured (stumbled) into the world of entrepreneurship. As I assimilated to this new life path, I began to love it. Over time, and step by step, a vision for Octagon as a global center of excellence began to form.

Of course in real world terms, a big, bold vision is not easy to actualize. To start, my task was to distill the concepts of excellence and value first and foremost. That is, how to honor these aspirational intentions while making them both effective and pragmatic? I consistently needed to demonstrate the contribution of these values to the commercial objectives linked to profitability while not sacrificing an ounce of integrity. With this in both my heart and mind, I went all-in and dedicated myself completely to the pursuit of excellence and value creation for several, life – changing years.

For me this pursuit came through a combination of thought leadership via The Canon and projects via the consulting stream of Octagon. After years of dedication, my path of excellence and value has integrated, merged and actualized with the creation of The Octagon Institute for Global Innovation. It is my joy to be able to share it with you.

The Flagship Canon : A Global Vision


The Flagship Canon started in 2018. The concept was simple : create a transformational publication that brings together many worlds in a way that has never been done before. Sounds easy right? 


It was a major challenge. But, through the construction of its narratives, was I able to create a manifesto of Global Prosperity, rooted in some of the most important teachings and truths that have defined the world we live in today. Focused on the singular intention of elevating prosperity in the global landscape, this publication distills and communicates a coherent vision and paradigm for an effective pathway of integrated prosperity.

12 issues later, we have the initial slate of Flagship publications. The Global Vision, here and now.

The Showcase Canon : A Global Movement

About a year in to the creation of The Flagship, did it become clear that a second stream of equally valuable content was needed in order to create the balanced and energized vision and movement that is needed in anything transformational. Thus, The Showcase Editions were born.

Centered on human experience and narratives that come through life, lived, this publication brings humanity, culture and artistic practice into the limelight. Through its pages, do we celebrate the value of the arts and their contributions to both value and in facilitating society though times of change. We relish in the joy of stories, food, drink, art, music, dance (and more), and reflect on the things that are perhaps most fundamental to true prosperity : experiences of love, life, beauty and freedom. 

12 issues later we have our initial slate of Showcase publications. The Global Movement, here and now.

Creative Ingenuity


And finally, the last essential piece of this story emerges. The Impact Labs. These labs were created to pay homage to the parallel movements of : 

truth – love 
tradition – innovation
reason – creativity
society – countersociety
balance – counterbalance

[ insert more here] 

which are embraced through the creation of The Canon as a whole. Therefore, these labs are immersive, experimental places for outrageous solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.